Work History

April 2023 - Current

Strategy Consultant for Technology Innovation

Equity Bank, Kenya

Crucial in navigating the bank's strategy, ensuring it aligns with global financial movements to preserve its competitive advantage. Collaborated intimately with senior management to craft and implement strategies designed to stimulate growth, boost efficiency, and encourage innovation, including the integration of AI into business operations.

Sept 2020 - March 2023

Head of Technology

Gem Shopping Network

Responsibility to oversee all technology and infrastructure needs of GSN to ensure 99.99% uptime for critical operational systems supporting the 24-hour studio and sales operation on a multi-platform marketplace. Identified opportunities to decrease "tech debit" and increase the value of the company's "tech stack" to ensure a "lighter lift" into cloud/digital platforms.

FEB 2020 - APRIL 2020

VP – Technology Delivery for Credit Union

Fiserv, Inc.

Fiserv, Inc. is a leading global technology provider serving the financial services industry. Fully responsible for Operational support, Solutions Engineering, and GIO Portfolio Management for one of the largest business verticals at First Data, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fiserv. Led a 65-member team, reporting directly to the CIO.

Jan 2018 - Dec 2019


Peachcap, Inc.

Managed all aspects of IT, including both hardware and software controls and supervising the technology staff, preparing and controlling the technology budget, and providing guidance for technical acquisitions, and developing standards and procedures. Reported directly to the President of the company and for security, certification worked directly with the SEC.

July 2013 - Dec 2017

Director of Global Application Development and Innovation


Led a global team of 60 FTEs and 100 offshore resources including Architects, Developers, and QA staff in developing, implementing, and deploying quality technical solutions in all areas of UPS operations. Reported to the CIO. Managed resource allocations and served as a senior mentor for team members to develop their skills to grow both as individuals and as team players.

Oct 2006 - June 2013

Senior Director of Emerging Platforms, Technology & Innovation

The Weather Channel

Led a 35-member team in the design, development, and deployment of all new technology and platform initiatives for both digital ( and broadcast networks (The Weather Channel), including delivery on OTT/CTV/Mobile Platforms/SSAI/DAI, DSP/SSP, and SEO. Pioneered “Weather-in-the-Cloud™”, a cloud-based product line that provides personalized weather forecasts directly to consumers’ mobile, desktop, and cloud calendar applications and generated



Data Science

Sloan School of Business

I studied Data Science/Machine Learning and AI. Data tells a story. Figuruing out what that story is, utlizies one of the displanices I studied.


Political Science





Business Intelligence

Cognitive Search

Machine Learning / AI




Digital Transformation



Enterprise / Cloud Architecture


Joy E. DiBenedetto

Joy E. DiBenedetto

Group Director Global Communications, Equity Bank Limited

"Andy is not only perhaps the smartest person I have ever met, but he is all things media, digital, technology - and beyond. When `state of the art' is being developed, Andy has already thought about and built the `beyond, beyond state of the art' 10 years on. A truly visionary thinker, and doer who defines the word `enterprise' and has made his mark being `enterprise-ing'. Do not miss a chance to work with Andy!"

Deslie Quinby

Deslie Quinby

Author, and Advisor at TripFlies

"If a technology was invented today, Andy would know about it tomorrow and be able to use it (if applicable) to drive results the day after. Much harder to get the business aligned to rapid changes in technology. Andy can help you plan the technology strategy and then execute what he has promised to deliver in an unassuming reliable way that instills trust. A team player and hard worker, Andy is an asset to any organization! I look forward to the day when I could work with Andy again."

Larry Goodman

Larry Goodman

Advisor at goPuff

Andy Drooker is an innovative and creative IT professional who understands business models and how the right software and hardware can accelerate and drive top-line growth. During our decade or so of working together at Turner Broadcasting, I frequently relied on Andy to customize technology solutions that automated and streamlined relationships and transactions with clients. Importantly, Andy never stops learning. His career passion is in many ways his personal interest as well. The combination of big ideas with, when needed, implementation of small incremental components of big ideas, makes Andy both a thinker and a doer. That, in my estimation, vision, and implementation, is a winning combination.

Scott Teissler

Scott Teissler

Principal at

I've known Andy Drooker and worked with him during a good part of my 20-year tenure as CIO/ CTO at Turner. I regard Andy as a natural innovator who knows the ways one keeps up with the state of the art, and who can match the problem at hand with new tools, producing a more elegant outcome. He is mild-mannered but relentless in pursuing solutions to architectural and application problems. It is very useful and relatively rare to find an individual comfortable with the technical minutia of infrastructure and contemporary applications development methods. He is a good and persistent communicator/educator and can be counted on for technical candor. I would rehire him in a minute...

Brian Shield

Brian Shield

SVP | CTO Boston Red Sox and Fenway Sports Management

Andrew is a highly innovative and creative problem solver. He combines deep hands on knowledge, a strong understanding of the business with an entrepreneurial spirit that allows him to effectively align technology solutions with future business challenges.